Cotton Custom Metals


Cottons Custom Metals was founded on April 1, 1976 by George Cotton in Columbus, Georgia.  The original location was on Warms Springs road, but later moved to a larger and current location.

After twenty-eight years owning and managing Cottons, George sold the company to Thomas Bailey in 2004.  Thomas (a.k.a. Tom) Bailey had been working in the restaurant industry from all aspects of a kitchen for over thirty years.  

Tom's experience and education with kitchen equipment and fabrication, combined with our crew allow for a truly seamless operation in putting your kitchen fabrication and ventilation needs together.

Tom, keeping with this same quality craftsmanship and traditions continues to pump fresh air, and energy into the company.  Standing behind not only our products and service, but often extending beyond the scope of others to ensure a happy and successful customer.

What We Do

We specialize in stainless steel fabrication, for the restaurant industry as well as general construction.  We cater not only to commercial applications, but residential as well.  We offer many professional services and products.  

Just to name a few:

  •           Stainless Tables and Cabinets
  •           Stainless Countertops
  •           Toolboxes (Stainless and Mild Steel)
  •           Kitchen Vent Hoods
  •           Stainless Wall Coverings
  •           Hand Rails & Gates
  •           Trailer Repair
  •           Full Onsite Welding 

If you can imagine it being fabricated out of metal, we can help you put your plan into reality.  Custom is not just part of our name, it's our specialty.  

Check out our online showroom to give yourself an idea of our quality work.